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john harper delivers

Fine Art, Frames, Sculpture


I transport work for artists, galleries, dealers, framers and restorers


Customers include:


Artists: Alexander James, Anish Kapoor, Claire Morgan, Conrad Leach, Frank Bowling, Frank Kiley, Gavin Turk, Henry Hudson, Hugo Wilson, James Hart-Dyke, John Gledhill, Rebecca Stephenson, Sarah Dwyer, Ursula Kellett, Vicky Wright, Whitney McVeigh, William R Bradley, Wolfe Lenkiewicz


Galleries: Alan Cristea, Andipa, Artificial, Cole, AVA, Edel Assanti, Husk, Josh Lilley, Kashya Hildebrand, Kate MacGarry, October, Paul Stolper, Stern Pissarro, Sunday Painter, Wapping Project


Dealers: Andrew Clayton-Payne, Anthony Mould, Art Estate Consultancy, Carl Kostyal, Ed Cross, Fergus Hall, Harry Moore-Gwyn, John Mitchell


Framers: Art & Soul, Bourlet, Chelsea Framing, Frame Junkie, John Jones, Kay Mounting, Lacy Gallery, Pendragon, Roberto Franchi, Rollo Whately, Uisliu Campbell


Restorers: Alan HK Bradford, Henry Gentle


Others: Artists First, Chelsea Arts Club, Clapham North Arts Centre, The Design Museum, University of the Arts,  David Roberts Art Foundation, Kay Mounting, London Art Workshop, Shape Arts


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